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Artwork & Logo Guide

Please make sure your artwork is production ready by following the guide below.

  • VECTOR ARTWORK is preferred for all orders. Check your file extension and zoom in on your art to determine if it is in vector format. *NOTE: You cannot convert a raster file to vector by saving it as a common vector file extension.GTS Logo Guide part 1
    • If vector art is not available, we accept HIGH QUALITY RASTER graphics. The larger the image ( dimensions / file size ) the better!GTS Logo Guide part 2
    • ACCEPTED FILE FORMATS:   .jpg  /  .png  /  .bmp  /  .tif  /  .pdf  /  .ai  /  .eps  /  .psd
  • If high quality art is not available, we can RECREATE YOUR ART/LOGO FOR $30. You will receive both high quality rastor and vector files that can be used for any future projects.
You may download this guide.